"I used Paonia Soil Co. soil mixes for all my vegetable, flower and herb starts this year and found it to work better for me and my plants than any product I've used over the past eight years."

Mark Waltermire, Thistle Whistle Farm in Hotchkiss, Colorado

Who is Paonia Soil Co

It all probably started with my mom. She loved to grow flowers, some quite difficult to grow in Colorado, but with science she could grow anything she wanted to. Later in life and living in one of the most diverse agricultural communities anywhere, we were surprised when we realized that almost everyone used potting soil that was trucked in from far away.  With all the fine growers and ingredients on the western slope of Colorado, why weren’t we creating our own products?

Our Products

Biodynamically prepared potting soil enriched with compost tea and mastodon peat moss. Composts teaming with a rich web of beneficial micro-organisms. Concentrated raised bed mixes and more…


Paonia Soil Co. is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of professional grade organic horticulture products. We focus on making the best soil in the world. Our reseller stores are run by horticulture professionals that will help you get the most out of your Paonia Soil Co products.

If you are a knowledgeable horticulture professional and your store, garden center or greenhouse is interested in reselling Colorado’s best soil, give us a call. We would love to chat. Contact us here or at 970-270-8037.