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At Paonia Soil Co. we’ve been perfecting our soil recipes since 1990. We learned first hand that the best technologies don’t work against nature, they work with it. When we brought our mixes to market in 2012, our family-owned business changed the way Colorado grows. You can buy wholesale direct with a tax license or through the many locally-owned garden stores whose employees can provide the expertise to ensure your crop succeeds.

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Science drives our entire process. From high nutrient, living organic super soils to no-nutrient soilless mixes, we have a product that fits your needs and works great! All of our ingredients are organic and many of our products support the principals of renewable renewable and regenerative agriculture. Some clients have called our living soil mixes “Permaculture in a Pot”. This soil food web develops big, strong, healthy plants.

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If you have a forklift and are good at organic gardening and customer support, Paonia Soil Co. will be your biggest new revenue stream. From farms to garden centers, we partner with small businesses to sell at the retail level because they’re knowledgeable about our soils and passionate about meeting customers’ needs. If you’re looking to purchase our soil for your home garden, you’re in good hands reaching out to our resellers. 

Reseller List
  • tj landers
    8/17/2021 - Google

    Absolutely some of the best living soil out there!! Have used for many years and many years to come👍🏻👍🏻

    Ken Trosper
    7/22/2021 - Google

    I used the 50/50 bomb and my plants took off, i am now sprinkling the dynamic dressing on too to boost growth

    Ryan Rundell
    5/11/2021 - Google

    Have used Bomb for several years. Great tilled into the garden for ALL things growing. Also, awesome in Smart pots growing indoors. Excited to try 50/50 with this years... read more

  • John Zachman
    5/10/2021 - Google

    We bought The Bomb 50/50 last year to use for both raised beds/bags in the garden and to re-pot our potted plants in the house. The results are tremendous... read more

    chris reader
    5/08/2021 - Google

    Your soil is the only soil we will use for our cannabis.

    Rachel Wenzel
    3/31/2021 - Google

    This soil grew the best flower! Back again this summer!

  • Eric Schnathorst
    3/21/2021 - Google

    Paonia Soil Co produces exceptional quality organic living soil. Rapid plant growth and exceptional tasting fruits and vegetables from "The Bomb" soil I used. Thanks Paonia Soil Co

    Doug Weatherman
    11/16/2020 - Google

    Bart and the crew at PSC are the best in the business!

    Stefan S
    11/08/2020 - Google

    After buying bags of FFOF that were full of WINGED root aphids, I decided to make a change. I’ve been incredibly happy with the results and consistency I’ve gotten from... read more

  • Stefan
    11/08/2020 - Google

    After buying bags of FFOF that were full of WINGED root aphids, I decided to make a change. I’ve been incredibly happy with the results and consistency I’ve gotten from... read more

    Glenn Chandler
    9/24/2020 - Google

    One of their guys came to my grow and picked up empty soil bags and I got a deposit refund on the spot. Well done.

    Tanner Morley
    9/07/2020 - Google


  • Clay Tallmadge
    8/30/2020 - Google

    So glad to be using these soils at Pleasantree Farm.

    Jake Sperry
    7/07/2020 - Google

    I have not used Paonia soil, but the price and ingredient list for their "the bomb" soil is great and I will try it this summer.

    6/07/2020 - Google

    Fantastic customer support team! Really refreshing to speak to people who know what they're talking about!

  • William Pendry
    5/07/2020 - Google

    Great Colorado local soil company. I would and will HIGHLY Recommend them for all your growing needs.

    sam smith
    5/07/2020 - Google

    stuff is great, better than anything commercially available i had used before.

    Grandma's & Grandpa's Love
    4/17/2020 - Google

    Excited to grow with The Bomb! The guys I met today were so helpful and nice. I look forward to doing business again.

  • Kayla Symonette
    4/07/2020 - Google

    This is the second year of using Paonia Soil, my veggies and I love it!!! The mixture is perfect and it’s clear anything I plant in it does wonders!!

    CuttiBeatz Productionz
    4/07/2020 - Google

    I bought this soil for my medical marijuana plants. So far I'm satisfied with this soil and I would recommend this product to family and friends.

    Courier Warrior
    3/07/2020 - Google

    Definitely a promoter of the soil food web. I value this companies business venture in being a quality soil provider, web page was easy to navigate and direct me to... read more

  • Billy Thompson
    3/07/2020 - Google

    It really is the Best Soil on the planet!!

    Rickey Compala
    3/07/2020 - Google

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this soil. Super excited to see it sold here in Oklahoma City now

    Ben Howard
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Best soil you can buy!! I love this stuff and use their stuff for all my plants.

  • Noah Gillespie
    2/07/2020 - Google

    The website is extremely informative. Everything is written out and explained in a detailed, yet understandable way

    Josh W
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Great soil. Plants growing phenomenally! Abundant and vigorous growth, and only suppliments are the occasional compost this stuff, would recommend to anyone, growing anything

    ryan glorioso
    2/07/2020 - Google

    I have used their "the Bomb" soil for about a year and a half and I love it! Plants could not be anymore healthy!

  • Kelsey Altmann
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Fully mineralized living organic super soil or inert mixes.. they have it all.. organic amendments and horticultural supply.. custom nutrient blends for fields.. a sucessful grower's best kept secret...

    Daniel Brown
    2/07/2020 - Google

    Excited to put there products and see the results. Future post to come.

    colton w
    2/07/2020 - Google

    One of the best experience I've had with suppliers in my outdoor experience. Never left me feeling frustrated or feeling like I was a little guy and unimportant. Not to... read more