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At Paonia Soil Co. we’ve been perfecting our organic potting soil recipes since 1990. We learned first hand that the best technologies don’t work against nature, they work with it. When we brought our mixes to market in 2012, our family-owned business changed the way Colorado grows. You can buy wholesale direct with a tax license or through the many locally-owned garden stores whose employees can provide the expertise to ensure your crop succeeds.

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Science drives our entire process. From high nutrient, living organic potting soils to no-nutrient soilless mixes, we have a product that fits your needs and works great! All of our ingredients are organic and many of our products support the principles of renewable and regenerative agriculture. Some clients have called our living soil mixes “Permaculture in a Pot”. This soil food web develops big, strong, healthy plants.

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If you have a forklift and are good at organic gardening and customer support, Paonia Soil Co. will be your biggest new revenue stream. From farms to garden centers, we partner with small businesses to sell at the retail level because they’re knowledgeable about our soils and passionate about meeting customers’ needs. If you’re looking to purchase our soil for your home garden, you’re in good hands reaching out to our resellers. 

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