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The Paonia Soil Co. team, including all of our dedicated independent resellers, is committed to your success this growing season and so it is our absolute pleasure to announce… 📢 “Price Drop!” 

Inflation is obviously impacting everyone’s bottom line these days. For us, as a small manufacturer, we get squeezed on both sides. Our materials costs have been climbing and as we work to keep our products affordable, our profit margin is almost non-existent.

As costs have risen, many of our competitors have chosen to cut the quality of their input materials, substituting in low-grade, inert materials like bark and un-composted forest product. We, on the other hand, kept our quality high, opting to cut our margins instead.

We know our products are more expensive than some others on the shelf, but when it comes to results there really is no comparison. And in years like these, when every dollar counts, that performance deficit makes a huge impact.

The real questions to ask yourself are, “What is a successful crop worth?” and “What does a garden failure cost me?” With Paonia Soil you know you’re getting the same top-quality mix year after year.

All this being said, we’re starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Current forecasts indicate that our material costs and freight rates could start declining within the next six months. And so, because we believe in you, our growers, we’re dropping our prices and asking our resellers to pass those savings along to you before the main growing season is gone. You can help us by taking advantage of these price breaks and choosing Paonia Soil at your local garden centers, nurseries, and grow stores.

Watch this short video about what makes our products work so well!

In the end, the most important thing that truly makes this work is you – the farmers, growers, stores, and everyone else who votes for fully mineralized, nutrient-dense, organic foods by choosing to grow with us.

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