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Amino Pro is a professional-grade, water-soluble, organic nitrogen amendment


  • It’s derived from hydrolyzed, organic, non-GMO soybean protein and boasts an NPK rating of 13.62-0-0
  • Amino Pro is our preferred method for offering our plants a nitrogen boost.
  • Because it is an organic product, it is safe to use in our living soils as it won’t harm the beneficial microbes, something that traditional synthetic nutrients can’t boast.
  • It is an ideal way for growers to tune their feeding to their favorite strain without the Boron striping, cell-wall stretching, microbe degradation, and risk of burning associated with nitrate salt fertilizers.
Amino pro nitrogen

Amino Pro comes in a 2 lb jar in powder form.

The general rule of distribution is 4 – 9 lbs per acre or 1 – 1.5 tsp per gallon of water.

Amino Pro is 13.51% water-soluble and 11% insoluble.





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