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Precious Okoyomon’s rooftop installation atop the Aspen Art Museum was planted entirely in our Cut Flower Mix

Working in collaboration with local growers and Paonia Soil Co, Okoyomon combined plants traditionally deemed invasive and dangerous with plants indigenous to the region, a juxtaposition that speaks to Okoyomon’s observation of the natural world as itself an object of colonization and enslavement. By combining invasive plants such as kudzu and honeysuckle with indigenous dandelions, mugwort, and milk thistle, Okoyomon has furthered their ongoing investigation of the racialization of the natural world.

The art installation is titled ‘Every Earthly Morning the Sky’s Light touches Ur Life is Unprecedented in its Beauty’. You can read more about it online and in our Instagram stories to learn about Okoyomon’s motivation, and the narrative behind the installation.

The exhibit will be on display until September 21st. Stop by and admire its beauty in the next couple of weeks!

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