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Seeds will begin to sense the Spring soon…

We believe in delivering them the highest quality nutrients to support their growth and resilience in their cycle of life. We’re like them. They’re like us. What we put in is what we get back.

Featherweight Champion is our classic seed starting mix. It delivers an incremental amount of all major plant nutrients in ratio over time. Featherweight Champion is an easy to use mix for starting seeds, delicate plants, and perennials.

The Bomb 50/50 is a more advanced strategy. With this high feeding soil, you’re able to start high feeding veggies in The Bomb 50/50 without needing to feed them. And even better, they won’t go nitrogen deficient.

Many Growers we work with start their tomatoes in The Bomb 50/50. We don’t recommend starting native perennials in The Bomb 50/50. 

Paonia Soil Co. also sells in bulk quantities. Call your local reseller today to place your order this season!


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