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Send us your results by December 15th & get 10% off your organic custom nutrient blend!

Paonia Soil Co. is recognized for its ready to plant, living organic soil blends most notably because they consistently achieve results that competitor’s products simply aren’t able to achieve.

Now just imagine the kind of results you’d see if Paonia Soil Co. built you your very own blend, customized for your fields. Oh wait, you don’t have to just imagine it, all you have to do is get a soils test done, send it our way and we’ll build you a custom, organic nutrient mix tailored specifically to your field!

This product and service combination is the most scientific way to organically and effectively amend your soil – and all for a fraction of the cost of shelf ready nitrate-based fertilizers. This is a great option for large scale growers who need to maximize their yields and minimize their costs. 

Click here to read about the 30% increase in yields The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms has experienced in just one season!

How it all Works

Okay so how does this work exactly?

Paonia Soil Co. Founder & Executive Director, Bart Eller, personally reads and interprets your soil test for free and then our sales team builds you a specific quote based on your soil deficiencies, style of farming and crop type(s). Other vendors often charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of service. We’ll do it for free, and you’ll only spend money with us if you decide to move forward with the quoted custom blend. 


How do I get a soils test?

These custom mixes are all dependent on the results of a soil tests – which are easy to do and for us, easy to read. Given their focus on organics and regenerative farming, we highly recommend you use Logan Labs and request their “complete test”. Their team is truly fantastic and will send you an email with your results in about a week’s time. Once you have those results in, you simply forward them over to us at along with details about the dimensions of your field(s) and the type of crop(s) you’re growing.
Click here to find out more from Logan Labs about how to take and submit your sample. 


When will I receive my custom quote?

Fall is the ideal time for our team to tackle your specific needs. If we receive your results between the months of October – December, you can expect to receive a custom quote from us within 7 business days. Outside of those months, it could take closer to 14 business days.


When will I receive my custom nutrient mix?

If you accept your quote before the end of the year, you can expect to have your custom nutrients on site by the end of January. If you need them sooner, simply communicate that to us when you send your test results, and our team will do our vary best to meet your requested timelines.

Have questions about this program? Would you like to chat with a member of our team? 


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