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The Intersection of Soil Biology & Mineralization for Regenerative Farming
Presentation by Bart Eller of Paonia Soil
Friday, January 27th

Paonia Soil Co.’s Founder and Executive Director, Bart Eller, will be giving a presentation at the Western Colorado Healthy Soil, Farm, and Food Forum later this month.

This forum is a GREAT opportunity to connect with farmers, ranchers, and experts in soil health, crops, livestock, and water water management.


Bart Eller leads us through a brief history of regenerative soil science.
Bart combines the research of regenerative soil science pioneers like Dr. William Albrecht, Dr. Elaine Ingham, and Dr. Kristin Nichols into a practice that is uniquely his own. Soil microbes are critical to the process but microbes alone won’t do the trick for farmers looking to convert from conventional methods to a regenerative approach while maintaining (if not increasing) current yields. With hundreds of products on the market, all claiming to be the next big thing, Bart helps distill it down to the top 20 natural inputs that can drive all of the growth and plant health you need to be more profitable than your competitors. From bypassing biochar to getting your compost application right, Bart bucks the trends saving you time and money this season.


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