Rhys Howard

unbelievable customer service and the best soil/ compost around. These guys go the extra mile to insure integrity in everything that goes in to their products. I placed a custom order and they were incredibly helpful and professional. My go to for topsoil and compost. Kate and Joe were awesome! - 6/27/2022

Crystal White

Ive used Paonia Soil for our hemp field, and for my plants at home, and it always does amazing! It helps that the staff are friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves to grow green things! - 5/12/2022

Marsha Sperling

Best soil ever and knowledgeable, friendly staff. - 5/11/2022

Kathy Maxwell

This is my 2nd year using Paonia Soil and I'm impressed with the growth, and health of my garden. Seeds planted in Featherweight sprouted a little sooner than expected and strong healthy seedlings are growing good. In a couple more weeks I'm hoping to plant into beds that have been prepared with The Bomb..loved it so much last year, I'm buying it by the Tote this year. Would like to say THANKS to Westside Feed for carrying this great product in my area...at a great price too! - 4/19/2022

Amy Nielson

Love the featherweight for large scale greenhouse production. Great that it comes in large totes to save plastic. Glad to support a Colorado business
- 3/24/2022

Michael Nezi

I have been using The Bomb 50/50 for the past 3 years and have found it to be the best product for my plants. They explode with amazing blooms and fruits and my yields are phenomenal. I tell people "if you don't have a green thumb, get this soil and you will have a green thumb after you use it." Great product, highly recommend for cannabis and vegetables. - 3/18/2022

David Zonana

Learned about these guys in Carbondale this past spring while picking up veggie starts. I’ve now been through bags of the Bomb 50/50 mix and featherweight champion and both blends are absolutely incredible! I had plants stretching over the neighbor’s fence. Using the featherweight in indoor wicking pots now with great success - haven’t found an application where this stuff didn’t perform. I’ve mixed my own potting mixes in the past which I used to think were good, but I simply don’t own all of the incredible amendments that go into these bags. They even have beneficial nematodes! - 2/04/2022

Seth Olson

Best Living Coco on the Planet. The sales team is great and Bart ( the Owner) is a wealth of knowledge! - 1/05/2022

irene petty

All very good men here. They were a pleasure to work with. Great experience. - 10/27/2021

tj landers

Absolutely some of the best living soil out there!! Have used for many years and many years to come👍🏻👍🏻 - 8/17/2021

Ken Trosper

I used the 50/50 bomb and my plants took off, i am now sprinkling the dynamic dressing on too to boost growth - 7/22/2021

Ryan Rundell

Have used Bomb for several years. Great tilled into the garden for ALL things growing. Also, awesome in Smart pots growing indoors. Excited to try 50/50 with this years crops. Highly recommended products!! - 5/11/2021

John Zachman

We bought The Bomb 50/50 last year to use for both raised beds/bags in the garden and to re-pot our potted plants in the house. The results are tremendous - the garden produced extremely well, and the house plants are healthier than they've ever been. This is a versatile mix with awesome results! - 5/10/2021

Rachel Wenzel

This soil grew the best flower! Back again this summer! - 3/31/2021

Eric Schnathorst

Paonia Soil Co produces exceptional quality organic living soil. Rapid plant growth and exceptional tasting fruits and vegetables from "The Bomb" soil I used. Thanks Paonia Soil Co - 3/21/2021

Doug Weatherman

Bart and the crew at PSC are the best in the business! - 11/16/2020

Stefan S

After buying bags of FFOF that were full of WINGED root aphids, I decided to make a change. I’ve been incredibly happy with the results and consistency I’ve gotten from Paonia Soil Co. And better yet, I’m keeping my money in Colorado. Far superior soil and keeping it local is a win/win. - 11/08/2020


After buying bags of FFOF that were full of WINGED root aphids, I decided to make a change. I’ve been incredibly happy with the results and consistency I’ve gotten from Paonia Soil Co. And better yet, I’m keeping my money in Colorado. Far superior soil and keeping it local is a win/win. - 11/08/2020

Glenn Chandler

One of their guys came to my grow and picked up empty soil bags and I got a deposit refund on the spot. Well done. - 9/24/2020

Tanner Morley

Fantastic! - 9/07/2020

Clay Tallmadge

So glad to be using these soils at Pleasantree Farm. - 8/30/2020

Jake Sperry

I have not used Paonia soil, but the price and ingredient list for their "the bomb" soil is great and I will try it this summer. - 7/07/2020


Fantastic customer support team! Really refreshing to speak to people who know what they're talking about! - 6/07/2020

William Pendry

Great Colorado local soil company. I would and will HIGHLY Recommend them for all your growing needs. - 5/07/2020

sam smith

stuff is great, better than anything commercially available i had used before. - 5/07/2020

Grandma's & Grandpa's Love

Excited to grow with The Bomb! The guys I met today were so helpful and nice. I look forward to doing business again. - 4/17/2020

Kayla Symonette

This is the second year of using Paonia Soil, my veggies and I love it!!! The mixture is perfect and it’s clear anything I plant in it does wonders!! - 4/07/2020

Courier Warrior

Definitely a promoter of the soil food web. I value this companies business venture in being a quality soil provider, web page was easy to navigate and direct me to a few local distributors would highly reccomend ensuring paonia soil co.is your source for quality alone. - 3/07/2020

Billy Thompson

It really is the Best Soil on the planet!! - 3/07/2020

Rickey Compala

I couldn’t be more pleased with this soil. Super excited to see it sold here in Oklahoma City now - 3/07/2020

Ben Howard

Best soil you can buy!! I love this stuff and use their stuff for all my plants. - 2/07/2020

Noah Gillespie

The website is extremely informative. Everything is written out and explained in a detailed, yet understandable way - 2/07/2020

Josh W

Great soil. Plants growing phenomenally! Abundant and vigorous growth, and only suppliments are the occasional compost teas.love this stuff, would recommend to anyone, growing anything - 2/07/2020

ryan glorioso

I have used their "the Bomb" soil for about a year and a half and I love it! Plants could not be anymore healthy! - 2/07/2020

Kelsey Altmann

Fully mineralized living organic super soil or inert mixes.. they have it all.. organic amendments and horticultural supply.. custom nutrient blends for fields.. a sucessful grower's best kept secret... - 2/07/2020

Daniel Brown

Excited to put there products and see the results. Future post to come. - 2/07/2020

colton w

One of the best experience I've had with suppliers in my outdoor experience. Never left me feeling frustrated or feeling like I was a little guy and unimportant. Not to mention their soil is far superior to anything I've used before. Crushes bagged soil from the store. - 2/07/2020

Eric Ackerson

Met with billy and had a bunch of my questions answered. Im looking foward to trying their soil for my next home grow. Seems like a no brainer choice when it comes to good soil. - 1/07/2020

Clifton Ray

Spoke with Mr Thompson over the phone in OKC. Made arrangements to get “The Bomb” soul this Saturday. Very helpful and excellent customer service!I will leave another review in about 120 days after my harvest. - 1/07/2020

Kristine Hutchinson

Best soil ever! Great folks. - 1/07/2020

tim mcfarlane

Highest quality and easiest to grow with. I’m sold. - 12/07/2019

Stephen Jr Taylor

Simply in love with the results I’m getting with Paonia Soil Co. I highly reccomend! - 12/07/2019

Bob Reyff

The bomb is "the "bomb"- when it comes to exponential growth! - 12/07/2019

California _allday

Ok. It's easy to get here, as the driver stated below me. Turn on price Rd and you will be right where you need to be to get unloaded. NOW. The unloading process here is tedious, they unload the soil with chains onto a forklift. This process will kill your clock as it is doing mine. I think any future loads here, I'd decline, for the unloading process alone. Too time consuming for any driver, who has another load to pick up and their clock is running, because they don't have a better unloading process here. The men that work here, are cool. So they get three stars for their generosity... - 12/07/2019

Jen Sanborn

I’ve used the bomb for years and have never been disappointed. Great stuff!! - 12/07/2019

Boon S

I tried Paonia based on my friends experience with them. They were always saying good about this product and I can see why! My favorite is their peat moss Coir Coir Peat. Customer service is also great! - 12/07/2019

Bret Baker

Great info - 12/07/2019

Jack Frost

Best soil on the planet. Had amazing results with no bugs or headaches. If ur into Organics, these are the guys. - 12/07/2019

Kate Ramsay

Great products and a wonderful company to work with in the cultivation space. - 12/07/2019

Bob Neily

TRUCKERS. I delivered here the other day. They unload you on Price Street at the rear of their yard. Awesome people. I arrived the day before and they sent me up to the local high school to park overnight. Call ahead to arrange pick/drop and arrive on time. - 12/07/2019

Christina Allen

Paonia Soil Company has the most beneficial microbes of any soil for sale out there, 20,000 compared to only 20 or so for most soils. The soil is made from quality compost and coco fibers to create a truly living soil to feed whatever you grow. - 12/07/2019

Shawn Willis

Amazing brand and company. Love their ENERGY! One Love y’all - 12/07/2019

Omar Rivera

Great company putting customers first by providing awesome products - 12/07/2019

Kari Durfee

Knowledgeable staff, great products for gardening and farming. - 12/07/2019

Ivan Rivera

So much love in this soil, highly recommend it. - 12/07/2019

Todd Cummins

I have been using Paonia Soil Co. for years now and have no plans on stopping! Always consistent and always keeps my plants happy! Thanks Paonia Soil! - 12/07/2019

healing tree

My plants love the bomb soil - 12/07/2019

Elijah Davis

So I didn't buy anything from them. Got stuck in a ditch near their shop and they were good enough people to come help me out. - 12/07/2019

Vic Araujo

A cousin of mine turn me on to this soil product I I think it's a a very good product I've noticed I've had to feed a lot less to let you know I drive down once a year load upload up a load up a truckload for my outdoor grow I come from California and it's well worth the trip - 12/07/2019

Aaron Parada

Awesome place to get seed and soil also helpful - 12/07/2019

Kelly Peabody McCann

The best damn DIRT Eva!! - 12/07/2019

D Reed

Great company. Best soil in western Colorado! They can blend whatever you need. - 12/07/2019

Max Horcasitas

Top quality products. The bomb is da bomb! Second year I used it. Immediate fast and healthy growth in my plants. The service is extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well! - 12/07/2019

Michelle Mack

They carry a great product. - 12/07/2019

Liberty Beverage

Heard alot about this company, finally able to try it out to help my parents with their garden. Dynamite mixes. Soil is everything. - 12/07/2019

Evan Judkins

Best soil I've found. Super nutrient packed, living, organic. Make the switch you wont be sorry. 10/10 recommended - 12/07/2019

juan mireles

This company is local and I LOVE THEM! I just picked up my soil but Elizabeth Darby made my experience so effortless and she really went above and beyond with her customer service! Can't wait to try this soil!! - 12/07/2018

Al Crum

Just trying them out but seems great - 12/07/2018

Jon Chase

Best soil I've ever bought! Wish I could get it locally, but well worth getting plenty extra when you can. - 12/07/2018

Chris Glasscock

Great stuff - 12/07/2018

Albert Hoffmann

It is a great pleasure to see this business supplying the area with high quality local soil to nurture our plants and heal our great, beautiful blue planet ❤ - 12/07/2018

Stephanie Larsen

Unbeatable product, hard working men. No other product on the market compares. - 12/07/2018

Jordyn Blatt

BEST SOIL IN COLORADO FOR ALL GARDENS HANDS DOWN! If you’re not using the bomb, you’re missing out!! - 12/07/2018

Peter Kacho

Used the bomb soil for two grow seasons! It was hard not having to mix my own soil as i’m very picky with amendments and growth explosion! But sure enough no mixing was needed the plants took off! Thank you! - 12/07/2018

P. T.

Amazing product. My garden went into overdrive with the well balanced bites and all. Overall ::: will definitely be back for some more next seasonseason. - 12/07/2018

robbie saunders

Da Bomb is the best growing soil I have ever used. My plants were healthy and huge! Easy to use and you don't have to worry about nutrients cuz it's packed full of goodness! - 12/07/2018

Tomas Zuccareno

I've used The Bomb for two years now to grow cherry tomatoes in an old 20 gallon terra-cotta pot. I get a summer of juicy abundance! Thanks Paonia Soil Company The Bomb is dabomb! - 12/07/2018

biggreen biggreen

The paonia soil company`s staff is very friendly and knolagable about there product. I can not wait to see the results in my garden! - 12/07/2018

Lisa Niermann

Paonia Soil Co.'s Featherweight Champion is the only seed starter I have used for the last 4 years. Starts are strong and healthy for transplanting. I've also used The Bomb raised bed mix and my gardens experienced incredible growth, great fruit set, and the soil was a wonderful conditioner for my existing soil (clay) that brought the worms in like gangbusters! I will definitely continue to use Paonia Soil Co.'s fine mixes! - 12/07/2018

Scott Pieper

As a horticulturist from Colorado State I nerd out pretty hard to living soil. Thankfully Paonia Soils nerds out pretty hard too! I love talking with you guys about how you help build up soil life and structure! We use them for all our seedlings and are crushing it this season! 🤙🏻 - 12/07/2018

Kyyel Rasmussen

I grow a couple acres of vegetables and have used the feather lite for a couple seasons for starting transplants. I have absolutely no complaints the soil works great. Healthy starts and no weeds. - 12/07/2018

Tawnya Schiebel, RM

Wow! We bought 2 bags of The Bomb to kick off a little late-June house garden to add as topsoil. Everything grew so well and timely. We can tell this year the plots need more yummy Bomb to support the nourishment of our alkaline and clay-ish Montrose soil. Thanks! See y'all soon!Tawnya T-Ré Schiebel, RM - 12/07/2018

Jeremy Hart

Pick up 2 yards of ProBase soil from the crew at Paonia Soil this past week. Robbie and Butch helped me out and were friendly and great to work with. Thanks to Paonia soil, I'll be back soon. - 12/07/2018

Colin Champine

I use “The Bomb” for all my plant and gardening needs. It’s a great product and I recommend it to all my friends and family - 12/07/2018

David Weber

I always make my own compost but tried this outfit to see how the pros do it. The price was high, there seemed to be a lot of what looked like wood chips and the nutrients were low. Not sure about what they mean by biodynamic but side by side garden plots show their compost to be inferior to what I can make. - 12/07/2018

alex dalrymple

This soil is amazing, I have been growing cacti and succulents in it for the past 5 years with the most amazing results I've ever seen. Nothing can compare. My plants get what they need and they can endure the harshest of environmental pressures. I am absolutely awestruck by the Epic results that this soil has produced for me. My crop is plentiful and Powerful because of his amazing super soil. 1400 billion 836 trillion percent approved. - 12/07/2018

Mark Finch

Scored some ‘Bomb’ from a friend who’s a much more prolific planter than am I after she heard I’d been having...less-than-successful production from my...balcony efforts. I’m confident the quality of this product is responsible for my stellar tomatoes this time around. Also used other Paonia Soil products she gave me for repotting a huge number of house plants, for another friend’s flower beds, and for my extensive herb garden. All went significantly better than in previous efforts and I’m officially sold on these guys. Feels great to keep it local, as well. - 12/07/2018

Gary DeHart

Great faces and even better service. Good Nutes place!!! - 12/07/2018

Suzanne Coe

I bought your products in Pagosa Springs after having a bad experience with herbicide contamination in cotton boll compost that had "organic" on the label from and large, national company. We lost our tomato plants as well as a few other things in our greenhouse that were herbicide sensitive. After researching your company, I was very impressed with your dedication to provide safe products for organic gardening and sensitivity to environmental issues. - 12/07/2018

Hardison L Collins III

Plants responded to Paonia's "The Bomb" with an emphatic KaPowie! - 12/07/2018

Josh Abrell

Paonia Soils has been a great addition to our nursery. My organic grower love the products. Our dome growers cant get enough, very easy to work with and there customer service is amazing. Thanks Paonia Soils - 12/07/2018