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Healthy roots make a healthy business

“Pests and pathogens are the symptom of an unhealthy plant, not the cause.” William A. Albrecht

The Bomb Line™

In all these mixes, we combine all 17 essential plant nutrients set to the ratios of soil science pioneer William A Albrecht.  These nutrients are bio-converted by over 20,000 hardworking species of microorganisms into forms that are most easily used by the plant. Having the full nutrient profile unlocks the full genetic potential and empowers plants in our soil to produce the large, dense flowers with the complex terpene profiles that professionals require.


The ProBase Line™

Our ProBase Line™  is for growers who prefer using liquid bottled nutrients in a hydro system. These mixes are super light and fluffy. Consistency is our top priority, every batch is the same.  Each version of ProBase contains low EC coconut coir and/or sphagnum peat with an organic saponin-based wetting agent, mycorrhizal fungi and high quality perlite at a 74/26 ratio.


Custom nutrient blends for your fields or no-till pots

When growing high feeding commercial crops there will come a time when you need to feed. Even nutrient packed supersoils like The Bomb will need a little replenishment now and then. Paonia Soil Co. has analyzed hundreds of soils tests for growers growing all types of crops. Every single one was different.

No matter what any one tells you, there is no “one size fits all” nutrient solution. For instance, most liquid bottled nutrients will be over or under ratio. It probably won’t kill your plant but it will result in the plant being smaller and less healthy than optimal. It will also mean you are buying nutrients you don’t need and those nutrients will build up over time eventually resulting in plant toxicity.

This is why many indoor growers discard their soil every harvest. In a field, or even no-till in a pot, this isn’t an option.  Instead, our growers, save time and money by sending a sample of the existing soil to one of our recommended labs. We take those results and create a mix that adds only the nutrients needed to bring it to the healthy balance of The Bomb. As far as we know we are the only company offering such complete mixes that include all the macro, micro and trace nutrients along with organic matter and pH buffering in both directions as needed.

Contact Us to save time and money while growing bigger healthier plants with a custom nutrient blend.

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