The Bomb is a unique recipe developed with over 20 years of research by Bart Eller for high feeding annual plants.  It is mixed and made with optimal growth and plant health in mind. Blended from organic ingredients, fully mineralized and boasting over 20,000 different species of beneficial microorganisms,  our soil works with you to prevent pests and pathogens.  The base of any integrated pest management program are healthy plants and a thriving soil food web.

Paonia Soil Co has helped many hemp farms achieve profitability and is the #1 Recommended soil for growing Hemp in Colorado from the Colorado Hemp Institute

The Bomb is the most cost effective solution for growing hemp starts.  Full mineralization and beneficial insects are just the start of the many unique ways that our soil saves you money.

We will work directly with you if you provide us with a custom soil sample to get your soil what it needs to be the best environment for your new plants.

Colorado Hemp Institute mentions in news outlets: