Paonia Soil Co™ works great for hemp!

Paonia Soil Co™ helps many hemp farmers achieve profitability. The Bomb™ was developed specifically to support high feeding annual plants like hemp. Blended from organic ingredients, fully mineralized and boasting over 20,000 different species of beneficial microorganisms, The Bomb™ helps you grow robust hemp plants, and also delivers a thriving soil food web that protects your plants from pests and pathogens.

Paonia Soil Co. is the #1 recommended soil for growing hemp in Colorado by the Colorado Hemp Institute.

Colorado Hemp Institute in the News…

Customized blends for your soil conditions

We offer the most cost effective solution for growing hemp starts because we can create custom blends for your specific needs. Our growers provide us with a sample of the existing soil from their site. We have it analyzed by a lab and then create a mix that adds just the nutrients needed to bring it to a healthy balance.

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Colorado has been a leader in the hemp movement and Paonia Soil Co is perfectly positioned to be an expert in the industry.