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Packaging and recycling are important to us, so we hope you consider skipping the plastic and choosing the 1 cubic yard tote bags that we clean and reuse!

1 Cubic Yard Bulk Bag Totes

Our custom bulk bag tote is our most popular soil vessel. It is filled with 27 cu ft of soil. (The safety label says 24 but we find they ship better stuffed so they are 27) This is approximately  1/3 of a pallet of bags.


The 1 yd. tote weighs 400 – 800 lbs. (Typically 500 for The Bomb) depending on the product and moisture content (which we vary slightly seasonally). They are stacked three to a pallet which allows up to 78 yards in certain types of semi trailers. (remember to order in even numbers) While there are larger totes that weigh a ton or more, most people can’t move them.  With our 1 yd tote 2-3 people can slide it on smooth surfaces and a small pickup can easily haul 1-2 of them.  If you have equipment like a tractor, forklift or hoist there are built-in lifting straps.  In the bottom panel is a chute that can be opened to dispense material into beds or pots. Remember to carefully read the warning label and /or go here to learn about safe use of the tote if it will be suspended. The use of totes is at your own risk and ability to do so. Please be safe.

One of the best features of the tote is that it is same state recyclable.  If you keep it in good condition you can return it to us and we will clean and reuse it.  We charge a $10 deposit on totes that your dealer will give you back when you return your tote in good condition.  Please pre-clean your tote if it’s dirty, it helps us keep this program going.  If you need a couple of bags no problem, but if you are using more than 13 bags then tote recycling can drop your overall waste to zero when you receive your soil in a used tote.  We can supply both new or recycled totes as customers request.  The default is a mix.

The Bomb

2 Cubic Foot Bags

These bags are slightly larger than the standard 1.5 cu. ft. that is the most common, but still easily carried. They have small holes to let air in for the microbes.

They come 50 to a pallet and a pallet weighs approximately 2000 lbs.

Pro Base Soilless Media

1 Cubic Foot Bags

Our smallest soil packaging, these are available by order only.

They come 60 to a pallet.

Returning Totes

It costs us more to use a returned tote than a new one but it is worth it to us to save the plastic from the land fill. Your help makes the whole program work. Please keep your totes clean or clean them if dirty. Please retie the bottom and untie the top. Return your totes to your local store. If you are a store or large user: Fold totes so they lay flat and put them into one of the totes. If you press them flat you can get about 50 in one. Two of those can stack on a pallet. Our shipping company will bring them back for $60. It is the responsibility of the re-seller to pay return shipping. In this way we split the cost of tote reuse. It takes a little work but it is worth it to save thousands of pounds of plastic from the landfill each year. Thanks again for helping us care for the environment.

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