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Now the fun of new products.  We have been developing a new hard nutrient blend that is similar to the nutrients found in The Bomb soil.  It’s called Bomb Dressing and it can be used as a top dressing or mixed with soil.  Because it is designed to feed both bacterial and fungal beneficial microbial life it can be used on almost any crop without burning.  Like The Bomb potting soil Bomb Dressing is designed primarily for the vegetative growth period.  It provides all the macronutrients as well as trace nutrients, humic acid, and fulvic acid.  To compliment Bomb Dressing we are also introducing an all-natural calcium/magnesium + sulfur.  With these two products, you can recharge The Bomb for three growing cycles or more.  This combo is also great on lawns shrubs, trees, gardens, or anywhere you want to feed microbes to feed your plants.  You will see more growth, and fruit and flower production with less water being used.  Some of the nutrients are soluble for instant results but most are not and deliver a time-release feeding as the microbes convert them over a few month period.  All of this adds up to less work and cost with better results.

Also, for all the sphagnum peat heads out there we are now offering sphagnum-based soils.  The first blend is called Bomb 50/50.  It is half sphagnum and half coco-based.  Sphagnum Bomb is the other and replaces all the coco.  We still favor coco-based soil personally, but hope this helps our friends who love sphagnum peat in their application.  Our other blends are available sphagnum based by special order in 8 yds. increments.

We have a bunch more to let everyone know but I’ve been told this is enough to absorb in one sitting so I’ll just have to write another one of these soon.

Thanks again for all your support.  We are the hardest working company in the business and we love getting to support our friends in their grow efforts and your help makes that happen.


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