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Soilless Media


With Mycorrhizae & Yucca Wetting Agent



Soilless coco and perlite base mix with organic yucca wetting agent and myccorrhiza


  • No Macro Nutrients
  • Use your own nutrients
  • Low E.C. – Max .3, typically under .2 (most other brands are .5+)
  • Super light, fluffy, consistent blend
ProBase soilless media


The original mix. Coconut husk peat is the base for this mix.

PRO BASE 50/50

This version has half coco peat and half sphagnum peat.


For growers who prefer all sphagnum peat.

Hydroponic Flowers

Hydroponic Vegetables


Hydroponic Fruit


Click on the ingredients below to learn more about each one

Coconut Husk Peat

Coco peat is the proven natural alternative to mined peat moss. It lasts three times as long as peat. It will re-wet easily, and holds up to 8 times its own weight in water. Our coco is some of the best in the world.  It is super well rinsed by the monsoon rains in India.


Heat expanded obsidian creates root aeration and drainage.

Mycorrhizal & Bacterial Inoculant

12 strains of symbiotic root organisms that increase uptake of nutrients and water plus 13 strains of beneficial bacteria to break down nutrients and crowd out pathogens.

Organic Wetting Agent

An organic, yucca-based wetting agent with saponins that increases your crop’s water and nurtrient uptake and gets water into our mix even faster.

  • Saponins improve the soil’s absorption and dispersal of both nutrients and water by reducing surface tension. This allows plant roots to absorb more of what is available to them as the water and nutrients are distributed more evenly.
  • Yucca extracts reduce salt buildup by reducing dry pocket formation within the soil and increasing permeability in clay soils. In the case of excessive mineral buildup, yucca extracts will reduce the amount of water necessary to flush the soil.
  • Saponins and complex carbohydrates in yucca extracts provide slow-release food sources for many soil-dwelling microorganisms. As a result, many compost tea recipes use yucca extracts. Yucca extracts commonly contain micronutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese and copper as well.
  • Yucca contains antioxidants (i.e. salicylic acid, vitamin C) that protect cells from free radical damage. Yucca extracts also stimulate plants’ immune systems to produce their own protective hormones boosting insect and disease resistance.

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