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Our original mix. Coconut husk peat is the base for this mix.

BOMB™ 50/50

Our most popular mix, this version has half coco peat and half sphagnum peat.


For growers who prefer all sphagnum peat.


We replace the perlite with organic rice hulls.

The Bomb™ is a class-defying mix that some would call soil and others would call soilless media, yet everyone knows it will Make Your Plants Explode!

We have four different variants in the Bomb Line to fit your growing style. See the four options above.

All of these mixes perform quite similarly, will grow at relatively the same rate and have similar amounts of nutrients and amendments built into them.

We’d like to tell you a little more about the variant “Raised Bed Mix.”

What Makes Bomb 50/50,  ‘Bomb 50/50’?

50/50 indicates 50% Coco and 50% Sphagnum… which primarily make up the foundation of the soil. While Coco is a little easier to hydrate, Sphagnum makes a more cohesive root ball. The 50/50 blend offers the best of both.

Is Raised Bed Mix a 50/50 blend?

Yes! We build Raised Bed Mix to this ratio, which is what our resellers and retail stores always carry.

More about our Variant Raised Bed Mix!

Raised Bed Mix is built to our ratios of The Bomb 50/50. Raised Bed Mix is just like Bomb 50/50™ but we swap the perlite with organic rice hulls. This works great in raised beds and landscape applications where clients don’t want to see the white perlite specks or when extra water retention is desired. We do add a bit more nitrogen to Raised Bed Mix to offset the additional carbon from the rice hulls.

Thanks to local Crawford gardener, Barbara, for the photos of RBM in action! 


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