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Lawngevity™ is a full-spectrum Organic Lawn Care and Landscape Soil Conditioner made in Colorado, which increases the water holding capability of the soil by increasing organic matter.


At the same time Lawngevity™ is the only soil conditioner on the market that adds all of the other necessary plant nutrients in a gentle organic version. Spring is a great time to add your application.

A little goes a long way. One yard conditions between one half and one-quarter of an acre! And it can be applied to established lawns only once every two years. Broadcast spread onto your lawn and then rake it in!



  More reasons why we love it?

  • Radically reduces the water needed to have a healthy, vibrant lawn
  • Transforms clay and other native soil into premium top soil
  • Acidic to help offset Colorado’s alkaline water
  • Is the only lawn-specific soil conditioner that constraints macro, micro and trace nutrients plus organic matter

Colorado water is naturally alkaline which means a lot of plants benefit from some forms of acid application. For our friends in Denver, the water has additional alkaline components added to it to combat lead pipes. It is pH 9 which is 100 times more alkaline than neutral. They started doing this a little over a year ago.

  After applying Lawngevity™, we recommend the following application of citric acid, which is very gentle.

  • Use a Hozon Siphon Mixer, which screws in at the hose bib and sucks acidic concentrate from a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Create a solution of 1 cup of citric acid in 4 gallons of water
  • Every time you water you are acidifying your lawn!
  • Another solution is to broadcast spread the granular citric acid across your lawn, followed by a watering.

Find your local reseller of Lawngevity™ Organic Lawn Care here and send us pictures of how beautiful your lawn gets!



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