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Hi Paonia Soil Friends.  First, let me say thanks so much for the great season.  Our new blends went over big with customers of all types.  Yields were up across the board.  This brings me to a question I hear now and then.  “How can our products work so great for so many different types of plants?” The answer is that instead of using chemical nutrient salts or even tailoring organic nutrients to a certain type of plant, we design our organic nutrient blends in our soil to feed soil microbes.  We then rely on the microbes to be our tiny worker “robots” and bio convert the nutrients into plant absorbable form.  This type of feeding provides the best nutrition while preventing burning or lockout.  If you want to know more about how this works, check out my blog post from last fall here.

To be the best we know that we always have to keep improving. Every season is a research project for Paonia Soil and our research grower partners.  We take our blends and experiment with adding something here, taking away something there, and then observing the results.  When we think we have identified a clear benefit we then give this new “experimental” version to our partner growers to try.  If their results concur with ours then this change will be implemented in our next season’s soil.   Because our growers need to consistently know how the soil is going to perform, we are implementing the PSC Changelog.  Just like most good open-source software projects, all of our changes will be publicly logged here.

We became wholesale distributors for Fertrell brand products this winter.  This lowered the price of some of our inputs and gives our customers a new source for many products that were hard to get in Colorado.  We are always working to be the most cost-effective in our industry as well as the highest quality.





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